Monday, 29 July 2013


Yo! ω・`)
Wow, there are so many exciting things going on with the Mini Cherries these days!
With everything going on, it occurred to me last night that I haven’t written a blog post yet
. (」゜ロ゜)

So, let me introduce myself! My name is May~! Yoho~!

Guess what? My birthday is right around the corner! On August 9th, I am turning 18  (^^) Yay!

Soon after my birthday, I am moving to a different state to start college.
This is the dorm building that I will most likely be staying in

Once I have moved in and gotten my room decorated, I will have to do a dorm tour and show you all my room~!  (´ω)
Ah!! I am so nervous about starting college Σ(゚дlll I am sure it will be fine though. ^^

As most of you know, the mini cherries have been given a test for graduating into our official Oishii! Groups!
We all worked super hard!

I’m honestly not sure if I’m prepared enough to graduate from being a trainee. I feel like the other girls are on a higher level than me. I am fighting to catch up though! (`ω´)

I am rooting for all of the mini cherries to graduate this round! ^^ Everyone is so talented, I’m sure they will pass. I still have some growing to do, so who knows about me- but the other mini cherries, I’m sure of!

I’m excited to see what Oishii! Project has in store for everyone. There are always so many exciting developments~!


Saturday, 27 July 2013

【Mayu☆】 My Input on the Mini Cherry Gradution! Oh~ Also dance update ♥

So after reading Sneko's entry on this I thought I would write my own as well!


Hello Everyone! So for the past month all the members have been working really hard on the graduation! I sadly have been little behind in practicing because I had 2 conventions at which I was performing at so most of my time was spent at rehearsals for a couple weeks practicing for that, so it's like I had 2 weeks or so to complete this  

I'm really excited and nervous because I really want to pass but.... you never know 

The hardest part of this graduation for me has to be the singing but I'm hoping to accommodate for it with my dancing...hopefully???

Yesterday I recorded all my required dances for the test but I even added some non-required ones just for the fun of it! I even did it in one take because I wanted to show some of my endurance level...and because it's easier to edit  (*≧▽≦)


Oh! And because Sneko mentioned this I thought I would as well!

So as far as the group I would really like to be in, I think I would be best suited for Kiwi (that's also my favorite group...sooo  (*´・v・)♥ )

As far as singing, I don't have a very extravagant range, but I tend to handle low notes easier than high notes and I can't imagine myself singing a low octave in a group like Lychee XD
In regards to dancing, though I think I can pull off alot of styles well, I always find myself enjoying energetic dances more than "cutesey cutesey" dances. Dances like "Matryoshka" and "The World Warrior(rap ver.)" are some of my absolute favorite!

In regards to kiwi that is, there is already a blue, green, & purple member (those are my favorite colors) so I don't really know what other color would suit me??  (●´・д・`●)
Oh Well ≧(´▽`)≦
So yeah, that's sort of my input I guess?

I really hope I get put into Kiwi, and if not, I hope I at least graduate
( ;´Д`) 
(I'm so worried my singing isn't good enough. It's the one thing I'm super self-conscious about, mainly because everyone in this project has absolutely amazing voices ╥﹏╥)

But I guess...yeah?
ByeBye! I'll post again soon!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

【Sneko】ZIGG ZAGG | Thoughts & Progress on O!MC's Graduation Test

Konnichinya, everyone! Sneko here~

Today I wanted to show you all my ZIGG-ZAGG cover! I worked really hard on this! Even though I already knew it, I practiced hard for a whole month to refine this dance until I felt more confident in it! I also helped teach some of my fellow Mini Cherries the dance! It was my first time teaching someone a dance online and it was exciting and new~

I had to learn how to count dance beats and had to come up with new ways to make a certain step stick in everyone's mind, so I would often make funny noises or names to go with the steps.  (/ω\)

Recently, all of the Mini Cherries have been talking about what will happen during graduation. It's really exciting and scary too. For me in particular it's been challenging. Since we're being judged on how well we do on these song and dance covers, I want to do my best right now. Nothing else matters at the moment.

I've said it before, but I'm most confident in my voice-- however, I feel like I haven't been able to show all of what I can do with it yet. That's why I'm a little worried.

But no matter what, I want to be the pink member. Someone mentioned 'What about Lychee?' and actually, I find Lychee adorable, but somehow, I don't think it fits me! Not to mention, I wouldn't be able to monopolize baby pink as my color! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

That being said, I don't think Kiwi fits me either. Rather, I don't think I fit with any group. I'm a strange member. I'm short and enjoy dressing cute... but if I were to describe my personality... maybe I would fit in with that of Makoto from Idolm@ster.

A pure-hearted girl who wants to embrace her femininity more, but due to old habits and her experience and upbringing, finds it hard to contain that rougher, louder side of her.

Because of this talk about what group fits each member best, some of the Mini Cherries and I made a joke about how we'd graduate into Oishii! Ringo, a new group with girls with spunky, mature voices, but with weird personalities. I guess girls who wouldn't fit into either Lychee or Kiwi! www

If I had a say in this, though. I think I would definitely want to be in Ichigo! (`・ω・´)” Strawberry Neko = Sneko and Strawberry = Ichigo. PERFECT RIGHT??? (laughs nervously)

...Just kidding~!

I really wonder where I'll go!

Please judge me well, Oishii staff! I want to be put into the group that will make the utmost out of my deep voice, silly personality, and sometimes inappropriate fujoshi self~ (/。\)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Yo! Sushi is the best place on earth~!

Graduation is looming round the corner Oo... It's so close, it feels like forever since we were given our tasks! I feel like I have worked very hard towards my graduation, so I hope I pass! My idol career is taking off like a rocket :3! AHH~ It's so exciting I wonder what this means for the future...

I hope you are all excited for the upcoming opportunities that our graduation will bring! I think that the second generation mini cherries have so much enthusiasm, it's wonderful and they have really helped bring the project alive just that little bit more

~ the Oishii project tree is blooming~ (≧ω≦)

I finished school forever, quite a while ago so now I'm free~ to enjoy my life and explore!
Yesterday I went to Yo! Sushi with my friends to enjoy "Blue Mondays" 

Blue Mondays = every dish is £2.50 = the best invention ever discovered.*(つд`) sniffles.*

Thankfully, sushi can be quite nutritious, because eating that much can't be good :<... hehe, Plenty of exercise!! *picks up dumbbell* (╯◕_◕)╯

It was a really hot day! It's been very hot recently which makes graduation practice hard 
But I fought through the heat! 
It actually began to storm in the evening! It was so exciting!
I love rain! (。♥‿♥。) Especially when it's hot!

When we got to Yo! Sushi I ate my favourite dishes!
I love salmon and tuna the most! Sashimi, maki and nigiri <3
Making sushi is also really fun have you ever tried? 
I shall try again soon and upload some pictures .‿.!!

First I had salmon sashimi! Oishii!!! and then more salmon, salmon nigiri! yum! I also had tuna maki and Salmon rice which was really spicy!~ Hehe it was quite hard to eat in the hot weather! 

                     Sushi deserves purikura treatment

..Yes.. yes I do <3 Eat 

We had many cold drinks yesterday! I haven't had that many frappucinos in one day before! But it was wonderful! I even found a coke bottle with my name on ! That special feeling!
I have discovered animated emoticons on my blog. doomed.

Then as a true English summer, it began raining! But on the bright side, we found a frog! 
Heheh, so cute! Peeking out of his pond to say hello! 
Tehe, the arrow is unneccessary ne?...
But, we all ended staying out sunbathing?! I loved the rain so much it was refreshing! But I looked like a mess in the end! I'm not vain, I hate taking pictures of myself honestly! So I try to take other things, but taking pictures of rain was hard .3.!

Anyway, this weekend is the end of our graduation assessment! I await my results... and I'm slightly nervous! But I can't wait to see how well everyone did!
 Please support us!
Thank you for reading!~

Haribo xoxoxo

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Birthday ☆ (Charlotte)

Hey hey ~ ☆
Charlotte here!

How're you doing?

Today I'm going to tell you about my birthday and show you some pictures, ok? (◡‿◡✿)

Yep! It was my 20th birthday.
I don't feel 20 at all yet though aha. I feel more like I'm still 17! Haha!
I have a few slightly younger friends, yet they all seem to act a lot more mature as opposed to me (^^ゞ

My cake had a lot of strawberries on it!

 It also had a few glace cherries ~
I had to have a lot of chocolate on the cake, because chocolate is my favourite sweet food! ♥(*´∀`*)

For my birthday I got to hang out with my best, best friend (。・∀・)ノ♥
We went to the cinema to see Monsters University!
(And each bought a large slushie drink because it was SO HOT

Oh! Also, with my drink I got free popping candy for trying the new flavour ♪
And after the film, they were giving out free cereal... so I got that too(`ー´)☆

The book is a present from my friend ♥ 
I was so happy!

After the cinema, I went to Yo!Sushi.

..well, they were inspired by western foods, I guess? ヽ(´▽`;)/♪
Top left: Crab with slices of mango!
Bottom left: Smoked salmon and cream-cheese with avacado
Right: 'Strawberry Cheesecake' mochi
 It was all delicious!

I also played Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
I wished to debut ww (●´ω●)
If only it were that easy!
I'm trying my best every day ~ 

*~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~*

The next day, we met up with one of my other best friends and explored a park and forest!

It was hot this day, too. So it was nice that the forest was cool ~
In the above photo I'm sitting on a branch ww!

I took some panoramas ♪

We found a hatched bird's egg! (*゚ロ゚)★

These were my two favourite views ☆
Would you like to see a short video I took?
It's of the stream from sitting on the bridge in the photo above:

It was an exhausting walk, but a lot of fun ⌒☆
(We walked for about 2 hours! ε=(。・д・。)フー )

*~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~**~* ♥ *~*

Well, that's all from me!
Thanks a lot for reading! I really appreciate it c':

Bye bye!


Miraku's flower crown! ♡

Lately I've been busy moving to a new house with my parents! ♡
It's a lot of work, but now I've got a huge room in the basement!
And lots of place for dancing! ♡ 


When I was walking my dog, I found some beautiful flowers. 
I don't know what they are called in English, but in Norway we call them Prestekrage ~♡

Isn't that a beautiful name? ~ ♡ 
I like it at least. I love flowers! 

Here are the flowers I picked ♡
 aren't they pretty?

what do you think about my flower crown? ♡ 
I used so long time to make it! ~ 

Next time I'll make a flower crown for my dog Taro! ♡~

Yoho~ It's Ryoko~

Hi hi everyone~ 

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ryoko Defini~~ But you can leave the Defini part out because no one really remembers it. 

I have not been around lately, so I would like to introduce myself to new followers ^ ^ 


My name is Ryoko oh wait, I said that already... and I'm a Oishii!Project Mini Cherry~ As you probably know, I really like to sing and dance. I don't think I'm a very good singer though ^ ^ Besides Jpop, I la-la-love~ to listen to Cpop and Tpop. Bollywood music is also my favorite @_@ Mmm... what would you call that? Ipop or Hpop(Hindi Pop)? Ah... don't know, but I like it ^ ^ I wonder what kind of music you all enjoy~ 

*Age: 17
*Birthday: October 14
*Occupation: Student .__.
*Color: Green and pink
*Flavor: Food
*Game: Hide 'N' Seek and any other game that I can beat you     in 
    Online game: Hello Kitty Online, Elsowrd, Doll Divine, TF2
*H!P Group: S/mileage
*H!P Member: Kudo Haruka, Takeuchi Akari, Niigaki Risa
*YouTube Idols: Hima, Former Pinku Project, Maria, Nina,         Abbie-kins and various NND dancers~ 
*Sport: Volleyball
Fun Fact:
I'm allergic to cherries, haha ^ ^ 

Yes, yes. There's just a few things about me. We can share more later. Until then, have a super summer and a sparkling day. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu *bow bow* *sparkle* 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What have I been up to this summer... PART 1

Puri~Puri~Puri~! IT'S SUMMER TIME!
Hello everyone! Did you miss me? I haven't done a blog post in a while, I am excited to finally be using the blogger account. Ah, summer; warmer temperatures, the beach, cool drinks, summer romance, summer is definitely one of my favourite time of year! Today I will be talking about what I have done in the first part of summer 2013; GAH it's almost done already?!

Me and my good friend Sarah D went on a shopping trip together! We were both in lolita. We went to a local artist meetup called Minicomi then to Aberdeen centre in Richmond. (This explains why my dress looks so crinkled, it was the end of a long day of travel!) Do you like my Baby dress? It's very county isn't it o v o I bought a lot of stuff -cough probablytoomuch cough- as you can see. I can't help myself when I see cute things...

Next it was my friend Rise's 18th Birthday! I wanted to make her something special so I sewed this hair bow and I made her some lemon body scrub! It was a little tedious and I get frustrated easily (especially when my machine jams or I add a wrong ingredient haha) but it was worth it, she really enjoyed them~

Finally something I've been doing a heck of a lot this summer is going to the beach! :D I can't tan because my skin is too fair but that's nothing a little sun screen won't fix. Swimming is my favourite part because... swim suits ; 7 ; This is a new one I just got this year- very retro for me~ What do you think of it?

Well, that's all for now, stay tuned to our blog for more posts from us and for PART 2 of what I shall be doing this summer. Stay cool, stay summery~

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Birthday Memories ☆彡 (Charlotte)

Hellooo! Charlotte here ~

Because it's my birthday on the 13th, I thought we could take a look at some photos from my birthday last year.

I visited the seaside with three of my friends...

We found a pretty forest!
(Actually, turns out I visited this place when I was little! There's supposed to be fairies ♥)

リス! Squirrel!
He/She posed for photos ww! 

あひるとあひるのこ (*T▽T*)


We then rode a cute little green train to a sea-life centre!
(train photo taken by my friend Jo)

Isn't this seal so cute!

(Taken by Jo ~)
I got to touch a starfish; it was weird!  (笑)

サメ (*゚ロ゚)★ Shark!

I really wanted one of these plushies (☆Д☆) ..but I decided to save my money!

Afterwards, we rode the train back down the hill and caught a bus down to the southern bay!
We all ate; I had chips and then icecream
I opened my cards and presents, and then we visited the beach! ☆

I danced 踊ってみた!

...but kicked sand all over the place

...and then I nearly fell in the sea. lmao.
(all three above photos by Jo ^^)

But it was a lot of fun ~

This was my cake - The Avengers! ☆彡


I was also chosen as Mini Cherry of the week this week, so I held my first live over on Oishii!Project's NicoNico community (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
It was so much fun!

Well, that's all!
Before I go, when is your birthday?
Claudie's was the 6th of July!
I hope you had a lovely birthday, Claudie ~! (。・∀・)ノ


- Charlotte (。・∀・)ノ♥